Big or small, hay barn or strip mall, we've got you covered!

Commercial Bolt-Up Buildings

Steel is being used more and more often in commercial building projects due to its strength, durability, and cost.  We can engineer buildings for strip malls, office buildings, auto body shops and more!

Residential Buildings

Steel homes are becoming more and more popular due to their cost and energy efficiency. We do everything from steel homes to back yard shops, garages, and storage sheds. Whatever your residential needs, we can design a building that fits your needs and your budget.

Agricultural Buildings

Need a haybarn, equipment shed, or riding arena? We’ve got you covered! Steel is stronger and lasts longer, so whatever your agricultural needs, steel buildings are a cost-effective investment to protect your equipment, livestock, and more.


Whether you need a small backyard shop or something bigger, we can make sure you get the size you need at a price you can afford.


Steel buildings are great for hangars, because they can be designed for the wide openings required for airplanes.

Bolt-Up Churches

Steel buildings can be used for sanctuaries, fellowship halls, classroom buildings, and more.

Industrial Buildings

Does your company need a warehouse or manufacturing facility? We can custom-design a steel building for any application.  We can design buildings for overhead cranes, dock doors, open clear spans and more.


Ever dreamed of owning your own business?  Steel mini-storages are a cost-effective way to make money! Standard or climate controlled, you can mix unit sizes to get the most bang for your buck! Mini-storage rentals are in high demand, and the cost to build is minimal. Steel mini-storages have a fast delivery time, and they can be constructed in a short time period, so you'll get a return on your investement in quickly.

Multi-Purpose Building Kits

Barndominiums are becoming all the rage! Part barn and/or shop and part living quarters, these buildings are growing in popularity and a steel building is a great way to go!  Do you have property on a lake and need a place to store your boat?  You can buy a steel building and have storage in one end and a living quarters in the other.  You’ll save money on renting a space to store your boat and you’ll have a place to stay!

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